Hello, Dear Readers:

I plan this weblog to be a collection of short notes (ranging from a paragraph to 3 or 4 MS word pages) on subjects I’m interested in and about which it’d be fun to have my thoughts out there in the ether (damn you, Michelson and Morley). I like mathematics, politics, economics, and education (esp. mathematics education), and mostly it’ll be about those things.

The first post (other than this introduction) will I hope set the tone. It is a note on a remarkable series of lessons I taught to my 6th graders when I was a mathematics teacher — what was remarkable was not the lessons themselves, but the students’ reaction, as you will see.

Finally, I would like to invite interested readers to participate by commenting, and by writing their own posts. After a few weeks and a few posts have gotten out there in that ether, so that the idea for this collection of writings is more clear, feel free to email me if you’d like to contribute (maylward at university of michigan email domain).